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Friday, 31 July 2009

Miles - 'Deep Calm' retrospective mix

Deep space vibe music
Miles - 'Deep Calm - A retrospective DJ mix' july 09

" Not a full on 'current club mix' driven by promo's or exclusives, flavours of the moment etc, you won't find that here. But you will find a 2 hour feeling, straight up deep, lot's of random shelf digging, spur of the moment mixes, when the records will themselves to your hands, as your mind does to them... A 2 hour sporadic moment which manages to get some great music on there, some old favourites, downbeat, starts and remains fairly slow and dubbed out, to allow for maximum groove pressure...
All thrown together, focusing on the vibe and flow once again....
Recorded live @ the Atmospheric Existence Studio, deep in the rural hills of Southern England on a sunny but wet afternoon, moody skies, Pure Tranquility & Inspiration.. No Trickery, just straight up Vinyl, Pioneer 600, Herbal tea and a feeling. Hope you enjoy the deepness from Atmospheric Existence Recordings HQ...."

Mixed live, 2 x 1200's Pioneer 600, 1 x CDJ, 2 x Adam Monitors, all vinyl (except personal productions and Voiceover edits on CD)


1. Aqua Bassino - Baby C'mon (Ron Trent Remix) - F Communications

2. Alton Miller - Sweet In The Morning (Rubadub Mix) - Distance Music

3. Souledge - Golden Nugget - Pagan Records

4. Black Music - Cry Of The Virtual Child - Moods And Grooves

5. Untitled - White Label - NUS 001

6. The Ron Honey Experience - Nitedrive - 7th Voyage Records

7. The Rurals - 7th Sun - Peng

8. Tyree - Tee's Revenge - West Side Records

9. Kirk Degiorgio - Nairobi - New Religion

10. Skymaster - Free Your Mind - Offshoot

11. Ron Trent - Journey 2 U - Future Vision Records

12. Trinidadian Deep - Future Sonic - Future Vision Records

13. Gabriel Ananda - Rheinblick - Iron Box Music

14. J.S. Zeiter - Switch - MCMLXV

15. Kenneth Graham - Salvation - Control Team

16. Paul Mac - Bonus Shuffle - Fragmented Records

17. Carsten Fietz - God Is Love - Subconscious Elements

18. Aril Brikha - Headhunter - Transmat Records

19. Glissando Bros. feat Jimmy Wilson - Pretender (Russ Gabriel Mix) - Stir15 Recs

20. Aybee - Ozzie Davis - Future Vision Records

21. Moodyman - The Third Track - KDJ

22. YMC - Weightless - Placktown Sounds

23. Jichael Mackson - Tee Trinken in Braunen Salon - Phictiv Records

24. Ricochet - Forever Mono - RZ Records

25. Erell Ranson - A Quiet Day In Summer - Open Mind Recordings

26. The Orange Project - Jazz Sattelite - Alola Records

27. Miles - Relativity - TBR Aesthetic Audio