Thursday, 19 November 2009

:::Miles - A.E.R. Winter Sessions mix:::

Miles - A.E.R. Winter Sessions (1. Open your mind...) Vinyl Dj Mix by MilesAtmospheric

The next installment from A.E.R. HQ deep in the hills.
hope you enjoy the journey.
Full tracklisting below. Mixed live with 2x technics 1200's, pioneer mixer, Adam P11's
and some quality timeless vinyl cuts..
The emphasis here is on a more restrained, breathable tempo, fused with layered melodics and soul, allowing the tracks to really absorb into the mind.... I love the open, clear, canvas for thought at a slower tempo..... Enjoy.


1. Atmospheric Existence Intro

2. Q Base - The Sun - Discfunction

3. Ladzinski - Outside Chance - Boe Recordings

4. Seafoam - House Freaks - Guidance Recordings

5. The Coastal Commission - Fucked Up Day - Seductive Sounds

6. Ovatow - X - Dub 1 - SD Records

6. The Coastal Commission - On The Rocks - Seductive Sounds

7. The 65D Mavericks - Noor - Rodz-Konez

8. Andy Stott - Night Jewel - Modern Love

9. Robert Bosco - Login Exact - Mowar

10. Atheus - Deploy - Styrax

11. Larry Heard - Tryblennasense - Alleviated

12. Miles Sagnia - Peace (Unmastered) - A.E.R.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Miles - Transitional Manouvre - Vinyl Mix Oct 09 by MilesAtmospheric

Miles - Transitional Manouvre - Vinyl Mix Oct 09  by  MilesAtmospheric

Miles - Transitional Manouvre - Vinyl Mix Oct 09

The next installment in the series, continuing to ignore the constraints of genre and boundaries of release dates to present an impulsive live vinyl mix, unprepared and unsaturated by trend or technology, just a straight up presentation of timeless music for your listening pleasure fused together with a few pops here and there. Just another audio document which i hope you'll listen to in years to come...
Maybe i should have cleaned a couple of the records better before the mix, they have served me well over the years, but sometimes you just get caught in the moment and the impulsive mind takes over and orders you to drop those beats...

The mix shifts into atmospheric deep space territory about half way in, taking things darker..

I'm all for progression and embracing the future of music, but my love affair with timeless quality music will never change and support it i will, if it's great, whatever the age! So as the mix changes throughout i hope your feeling it's transitions...

2 tracks from my new release on Aesthetic Audio in there. Next release on A.E.R. coming soon.. Hope you enjoy it..

Mixed Live, 2 x 1200's Pioneer 600, 2 x Adam P11A Monitors @ A.E.R Studios


1. Atmospheric Existence Intro

2. Miles Sagnia - Soulhive - Aesthetic Audio

3. Kenny Larkin - Butterflies - R&S

4. Alric - Dopple - Plastic City America

5. Glenn Underground - Keep The Hidden Treasures - Peacefrog

(Tech-No-Jaz Mix)

6. Basic Soul Unit - Basic Necessity - Kanada

7. Miles Sagnia - Relativity - Aesthetic Audio

8. Echospace - CV313 Reduction - Echospace

9. Monolake - Melting - Imbalance Computer Music

10. B12 - Lineup - B12 Recordings

11. Gadgets - Sky - Gadgets

12. Brandy - The Ritual (Chateau Flight Mix) - Yellow Productions

13 Gadgets - String Tonic 2 - Gadgets

14. Atmospheric Existence Outro




::: Recent No.1 in Kirk Degiorgio's Oct Chart :::

Kirk has charted my recent E.P. on Aesthetic Audio at No.1 in his Juno October chart. May i take the time here to thank you for your support Kirk, It's a good feeling to have such a true visionary feeling the e.p. I would not usually publish chart positions
of my music, but in this case, it's from somebody whom i have a deep respect for, not only for his music but also his wider contribution to the music world, thus i felt it right to say something.. So hats off to you sir and cheers ;)
Here's the link to Kirk's chart with lot's more great music in there available at juno at the moment. Enjoy.

Friday, 9 October 2009

:::Juno Records October Dj Chart:::

Some Autumnal flavours i'm feeling, deep in the record bag, along with some fresh cuts. Click on link to
check out the music. Enjoy..

my link to juno records

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

'Changes' featured on new Scott Grooves mix...

Hi All,
'Changes' from the recent shortly to be released 'The Sounds From The Abyss e.p.
forthcoming on Aesthetic Audio, has been used by SCOTT GROOVES for his latest
Dj Mix as part of issue 86 of Fact Magazine. The mix is available for download for a short time.....

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Next up and soon to be released is my work passed on to Keith Worthy's Aesthetic Audio imprint from Detroit, U.S.A. It's a pure pleasure to be working on this project... The work is titled Aesthetic Audio present: Miles Sagnia - 'The Sounds From The Abyss e.p.'
It's a 3 tracked vinyl 12" release forthcoming in several weeks, to be released later digitally.
Keep your eyes open for it, Hope you enjoy.......

Friday, 21 August 2009

Miles - 'A Lateral Perspective DJ mix' Aug 09

Miles - 'A Lateral perspective DJ mix' Aug 09 by MilesAtmospheric
Cheers for dropping by, here's the next installment, following on from the previous 'Deep Calm' mix, more of the same here, vinyl 12" flavours, record shelf digging, working the records as I roll, throwing together a range of great records for the mind to vibe off.. T

Hope you enjoy it or find something in there your feeling... Full tracklist below... Recorded live in one take at home, in the Atmospheric Existence Recordings HQ, with 2 x 1200's - 1 x Pioneer 600 mixer - Adam Monitors... + 1 x CDJ for mix the mix idents, all along with a hungry need to hear some cranked up deep sounds in the blend. All about the music here, a lateral perspective....... Enjoy.

Miles - A Lateral Perspective DJ mix ... 20.8.09

1. Mdali - Nutty featuring Daddy (Charles Webster Dub) - Symple Sound

2. Callisto' Trance - Can't Wait - Guidance Recordings

3. E.B.E. - Stardazed - Solid Grooves

4. Time Design - The Dragon (Echomen Mix) - Alola

5. Shed - Warped Minds - Ostgut Tonträger

6. Laid - Beloved - Refried Music

7. Bernard Badie feat. Olandus Gray - Imagine (Ron Trent's African Hi-Fi Mix)
Smooth Agenda records

8. F&L - Love Capsule Deluxe (Vocal Mix One) - Guidance Recordings

9. Skymaster - Proton Beams - Offshoot

10. African Blues - Word Sound Power - Clairaudience

11. Toka - In My Soul - Bosh

12. Swayzak - Doobie - Swayzak Recordings

13. Steve O'Sullivan - Dumbstick - End Recordings

14. DJ Q - The Zones - Strength Music

15. Electric Soul - A New Song - People Recordings

16. Slem - Fuck Funk - Eloge House Music

17. O.H.M. - Oceanic - Defective Records

18. Glenn Underground - Ambient Jaz One - Muzic Vision Records

19. Echospace - Phase90 Reshape - Echospace Recordings [Detroit]

20. Isomer Transition - Dark Star - Future Days

21. Kirk Degiorgio - Unruly - New Religion

22. Indio (John Beltran) - Inca ep - Rhythmic Tech Records

23. Chez Damier - Your Love - Track Mode Recordings

24. Miles - Spaces (recorded live in 1998) - (new edit reworked for 2009 coming soon on Atmospheric Existence)


Friday, 31 July 2009

Miles - 'Deep Calm' retrospective mix

Deep space vibe music
Miles - 'Deep Calm - A retrospective DJ mix' july 09

" Not a full on 'current club mix' driven by promo's or exclusives, flavours of the moment etc, you won't find that here. But you will find a 2 hour feeling, straight up deep, lot's of random shelf digging, spur of the moment mixes, when the records will themselves to your hands, as your mind does to them... A 2 hour sporadic moment which manages to get some great music on there, some old favourites, downbeat, starts and remains fairly slow and dubbed out, to allow for maximum groove pressure...
All thrown together, focusing on the vibe and flow once again....
Recorded live @ the Atmospheric Existence Studio, deep in the rural hills of Southern England on a sunny but wet afternoon, moody skies, Pure Tranquility & Inspiration.. No Trickery, just straight up Vinyl, Pioneer 600, Herbal tea and a feeling. Hope you enjoy the deepness from Atmospheric Existence Recordings HQ...."

Mixed live, 2 x 1200's Pioneer 600, 1 x CDJ, 2 x Adam Monitors, all vinyl (except personal productions and Voiceover edits on CD)


1. Aqua Bassino - Baby C'mon (Ron Trent Remix) - F Communications

2. Alton Miller - Sweet In The Morning (Rubadub Mix) - Distance Music

3. Souledge - Golden Nugget - Pagan Records

4. Black Music - Cry Of The Virtual Child - Moods And Grooves

5. Untitled - White Label - NUS 001

6. The Ron Honey Experience - Nitedrive - 7th Voyage Records

7. The Rurals - 7th Sun - Peng

8. Tyree - Tee's Revenge - West Side Records

9. Kirk Degiorgio - Nairobi - New Religion

10. Skymaster - Free Your Mind - Offshoot

11. Ron Trent - Journey 2 U - Future Vision Records

12. Trinidadian Deep - Future Sonic - Future Vision Records

13. Gabriel Ananda - Rheinblick - Iron Box Music

14. J.S. Zeiter - Switch - MCMLXV

15. Kenneth Graham - Salvation - Control Team

16. Paul Mac - Bonus Shuffle - Fragmented Records

17. Carsten Fietz - God Is Love - Subconscious Elements

18. Aril Brikha - Headhunter - Transmat Records

19. Glissando Bros. feat Jimmy Wilson - Pretender (Russ Gabriel Mix) - Stir15 Recs

20. Aybee - Ozzie Davis - Future Vision Records

21. Moodyman - The Third Track - KDJ

22. YMC - Weightless - Placktown Sounds

23. Jichael Mackson - Tee Trinken in Braunen Salon - Phictiv Records

24. Ricochet - Forever Mono - RZ Records

25. Erell Ranson - A Quiet Day In Summer - Open Mind Recordings

26. The Orange Project - Jazz Sattelite - Alola Records

27. Miles - Relativity - TBR Aesthetic Audio


Tuesday, 2 June 2009



I have been kindly asked to host show on London's HOUSE FM radio show, .. The 'Atmospheric Existence' show will feature lot's of great music, forthcoming releases, Interviews and guest mixes... The show will be sporadic, but there will be all listings and links posted here whenever radio shows are done.
It's a great opportunity to spread the message over the london airwaves, as well as South East England + worldwide, while maintaining musical integrity, so 
join me your host, Miles on wednesday 10th as A.E.R. touches down to take you away to 
deeper pastures...
HouseFM logo

AER001 : Miles - Introspective Soul ep

AER001 - Miles - Introspective Soul ep....



Artwork below in previous post. Enjoy...

Monday, 27 April 2009

Welcome to A.E.R // Forthcoming Release...

Welcome to the place to find all new information in relation to my newly founded imprint..
The project has finally come to light after being concieved many moons ago. The time feels right for some solo expression to see the light again after 9 years of experimentation with sound.
The musical vibrations to come will be served via several releases, with a Planned LP release on the horizon... The artwork for the forthcoming first release on A.E.R. was designed by my friend DJ Matt Pond of Bittersuite/Deepsystems Music..
Release forthcoming shortly. It's been picking up some killer support and airplay, a lovely way to kick things off nicely
for the imprint..
I'll update regularly with news, links to music / downloads + free stuff, recorded performances, along with other
points of interest.. Please go to my Myspace page for the music, or alternatively, my soundcloud site if you'd like a listen...