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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Miles - Transitional Manouvre - Vinyl Mix Oct 09 by MilesAtmospheric

Miles - Transitional Manouvre - Vinyl Mix Oct 09  by  MilesAtmospheric

Miles - Transitional Manouvre - Vinyl Mix Oct 09

The next installment in the series, continuing to ignore the constraints of genre and boundaries of release dates to present an impulsive live vinyl mix, unprepared and unsaturated by trend or technology, just a straight up presentation of timeless music for your listening pleasure fused together with a few pops here and there. Just another audio document which i hope you'll listen to in years to come...
Maybe i should have cleaned a couple of the records better before the mix, they have served me well over the years, but sometimes you just get caught in the moment and the impulsive mind takes over and orders you to drop those beats...

The mix shifts into atmospheric deep space territory about half way in, taking things darker..

I'm all for progression and embracing the future of music, but my love affair with timeless quality music will never change and support it i will, if it's great, whatever the age! So as the mix changes throughout i hope your feeling it's transitions...

2 tracks from my new release on Aesthetic Audio in there. Next release on A.E.R. coming soon.. Hope you enjoy it..

Mixed Live, 2 x 1200's Pioneer 600, 2 x Adam P11A Monitors @ A.E.R Studios


1. Atmospheric Existence Intro

2. Miles Sagnia - Soulhive - Aesthetic Audio

3. Kenny Larkin - Butterflies - R&S

4. Alric - Dopple - Plastic City America

5. Glenn Underground - Keep The Hidden Treasures - Peacefrog

(Tech-No-Jaz Mix)

6. Basic Soul Unit - Basic Necessity - Kanada

7. Miles Sagnia - Relativity - Aesthetic Audio

8. Echospace - CV313 Reduction - Echospace

9. Monolake - Melting - Imbalance Computer Music

10. B12 - Lineup - B12 Recordings

11. Gadgets - Sky - Gadgets

12. Brandy - The Ritual (Chateau Flight Mix) - Yellow Productions

13 Gadgets - String Tonic 2 - Gadgets

14. Atmospheric Existence Outro

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