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Thursday, 19 November 2009

:::Miles - A.E.R. Winter Sessions mix:::

Miles - A.E.R. Winter Sessions (1. Open your mind...) Vinyl Dj Mix by MilesAtmospheric

The next installment from A.E.R. HQ deep in the hills.
hope you enjoy the journey.
Full tracklisting below. Mixed live with 2x technics 1200's, pioneer mixer, Adam P11's
and some quality timeless vinyl cuts..
The emphasis here is on a more restrained, breathable tempo, fused with layered melodics and soul, allowing the tracks to really absorb into the mind.... I love the open, clear, canvas for thought at a slower tempo..... Enjoy.


1. Atmospheric Existence Intro

2. Q Base - The Sun - Discfunction

3. Ladzinski - Outside Chance - Boe Recordings

4. Seafoam - House Freaks - Guidance Recordings

5. The Coastal Commission - Fucked Up Day - Seductive Sounds

6. Ovatow - X - Dub 1 - SD Records

6. The Coastal Commission - On The Rocks - Seductive Sounds

7. The 65D Mavericks - Noor - Rodz-Konez

8. Andy Stott - Night Jewel - Modern Love

9. Robert Bosco - Login Exact - Mowar

10. Atheus - Deploy - Styrax

11. Larry Heard - Tryblennasense - Alleviated

12. Miles Sagnia - Peace (Unmastered) - A.E.R.


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